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Welcome to Todd GM Nutrition and Fitness

Like someone who can sleep comfortably on either side of the bed, I’m equally at home with ideas and beliefs that I have held for a long time and with new ways of thinking and believing that I’ll grow out of my intellectual curiosity.

My sense of knowing who I am and what my place is in the world around me rests on values and principles that are the solid ground I walk upon. I’ve tested them, they work for me, and much of the time I’m content to trust them, that is, until some provocative new idea slips in from a conversation, book or some flight of my active imagination. “Hmmmm. What’s this. Never thought of it before.” And off I go, exploring.pay someone to write my essay write an essay for me

Since I love to learn, I’ve always been teachable; I absorb new information, which means I’m well-educated in things that matter to me. Sometimes intellectual exploring will lead me back to where I started; the “next new thing” proves too shallow or impractical for me. But once in a while a new idea or belief will dislodge me from the ground I’ve stood upon; it is so compelling and persuasive that I step away from the tried-and-true and embrace this notion tpay someone to write my essay write an essay for mehat is brand new to me.

Because I hold both solid beliefs and are open to new ideas, I’m accepting of other people and other ways of thinking and believing. I’m flexible enough to listen to something new and different, or something outside of my comfort zone; if it works for me, I’ll take it in, and if not, I’ll let it go. In this sense, I know who you are: I’m neither closed-minded nor wildly open-minded, but walk somewhere near the middle of the intellectual road.

Fitness Background – Being in the fitness industry for over 14 years, I have worked in many of the gyms and have a solid foundation of getting results for my clients
Gym/Health Centers:-

  • Fitness First
  • LA Fitness
  • Holmes Place
  • Fit4less
  • And more…

Qualifications – Sports Science, Advanced Personal Nutrition and various other fitness related courses